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He was also a very talented seducer and his songs testify for this. And the pushing-pulling will almost always be present during the dance. This way there is always a connection between the two dancers.He wrote as a duet for himself and the splendid Brigitte Bardot. It is the mutual resistance that enables the leader to control the follower.According to court documents, a witness saw Estala get sexual with the fence outside his house.

When approached by police, he was 'uncooperative' and said he was inside his apartment the whole time.

In this piece, I am simply going to give you the three basic principles of this french dance and how they relate to a few basic principles of seduction.

Serge Gainsbourg is a legendary french singer, notorious for his rebel temperament.

When police arrived at the scene, Estala was no longer in the throes of passion and had left the scene of the crime.

reports that Estala was walking out of his home “in a drunken stupor” when the cops arrived, and while he denied having committed any sexual acts with the inanimate object surrounding his yard, the police officers recognized him from a photo taken by a witness and subsequently arrested him.According to the , officers received a phone call from a witness who saw and filmed Estala peeing on a fence.